Our personal trainers will push you to new limits that your mind and body didn't know you could reach. We'll create customized plans to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. But most importantly, we do it all while building a relationship with you. We get to know you as a person, with hopes and aspirations for your body and life. It's this genuine relationship with our clients that allows us to push you further and that sets us apart from other trainers.


Master Functional Trainer - Weight Loss Specialist - Nutrition Coach

I have been working within the fitness industry for more than 8 years now and I absolutely live and love what I do! I believe the most important thing is to find out what works for you and how to incorporate exercise into your normal day to day life. I want to help people change their relationship with food and exercise in the long term and do not want to offer an unrealistic ‘quick fix’.  

I specialise in weight management, strength and conditioning as well as functional exercises around a strong postural framework.  

I am absolutely dedicated to helping my clients achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals!  

My qualifications include Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Master Trainer), Master Functional Trainer, Sports Nutrition & Senior First Aid.



Pilates & Rehabilitation - Weight Loss & Strength - Boxing Instructor

Loving the challenge and competition of sports, it drove me into the disciplines and strength of martial arts and boxing which I’ve been doing since I was 12. This has complimented my strength and sprint training over the last decade, and enabled me to see the benefits to explosive intensity as well as slow twitch and muscular definition.

Since becoming a PT, the focus has shifted to merge Pilates, yoga and mediation to provide the release that the body and the mind need to unleash the energy and strength in sessions, and throughout our lives.

I provide a whole range of training styles to compliment every body type and age, from the calorie burning boxing and HIIT, to strength, definition and tone, with the use of rehab and release for spinal integrity.


Strength Training Coach - Fat Loss Specialist

My love for fitness started from a young age. At the age of 15 I was accepted into the State Soccer team which required a very high level of fitness, determination and discipline. 

When I hit my 20's my metabolism slowed down and my energy levels decreased. This made me realise that our bodies are forever changing and I wanted to learn more! 

I studied my Certificate III and IV in Fitness to build my knowledge in physical and nutritional disciplines to gain muscle, lose body fat and increase energy! It is now my mission to train others to help them achieve their optimum level of health and fitness!